National Geographic - 1975 - 01 Enero Cbz

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1. Bad Days for the Brown Pelican (14 páginas)
Ralph W. Schreiber assesses a familiar bird` s chances for ultimate survival.
2. How We Found the [ Monitor] (14 páginas)
After more than a century of oblivion, the Civil War` s famed cheesebox on a raft has been identified and photographed 220 feet down in the Atlantic. By John G. Newton.
3. A Bold New Look at Our Past (2 páginas)
Carvings on a 12, 000- year- old reindeer antler may reveal something about the workings of the human mind.
4. Exploring the Mind of Ice Age Man (26 páginas)
New techniques help Alexander Marshack formulate some answers to an audacious question: What were the thought processes of Europeans 37, 000 to 10, 000 years ago?
5. Iran: Desert Miracle (46 páginas)
Crisscrossing the Persia of old, William Graves and James P. Blair find the empire` s 20th- century successor savoring a new glory based on oil.
6. New England` s ` Little Portugal` (20 páginas)
O. Louis Mazzatenta traces the thread Portuguese immigrants have woven into the fabric of our national life.
7. Martinique: Liberte¦ü, Egalite¦ü, and Uncertainty in the Caribbean (25 páginas)
Kenneth MacLeish and John Launois find problems behind the pleasures in a tropical piece of France.
8. Editor` s Page (1 páginas)

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